Shradhey Gurudevjee
Shri T.P. Panta

An incredible person, T. P. Panta, about whom we are unable to describe in words because his discoveries are beyond descriptions. He was an epitome of selflessness, knowledge and deep understanding of the modern material world. He was a wandering monk who’s only possessions included few clothes to cover his body, a walking stick, a Kamandal, a white hand bag, and a laptop that he uses for more than 18 hours a day. He is meticulously focused on his work and small things like eating; sleeping, wearing clothes and unnecessarily killing time were not part of his nature. Even while he used to sleep or dream, his thinking remained unhindered.

Treasure trove of books

Books written by Shradhey Gurudevjee Shri T.P. Panta

Brief Introduction of the Ancient Indian Science which were lost.

A Brief Introduction of the Universal Laws for a Balanced Democratic Social System.

Theory of Equi-Quadrilateral Social Balance.

A Socio and Geo-Economic Structure of the Cosmic Democracy.