Empowering the Youth to shape a Brighter Future

This initiative  seeks to nurture youth’s innate genius and recognize that every youth has Potential and is a Fountain Head of energy with driving force in all spheres of activities. It seeks to organize, develop and facilitate them in actualizing their potential from within. Bharat is not only the oldest country in the world democratically but also youngest country demographically.. This huge and precious treasure trove of young minds has the potential to bring about a sea change in the Global Human Society. That’s precisely the reason why we have taken up the initiative for inspiring the youth of Bharat under this farsighted initiative called “Motivate Bharat”.


To awaken and perpetuate the growth of unlimited potential of the young fraternity, so that they can be revolutionized in all spheres of activities and bring about a positive change in every aspect to become a leader

 To apprise the youth about their uniqueness and inherent potentials.

  To help them to realize and recognize their realistic dreams and to achieve their aim.
 To make the youth aware of both the ancient and the modern technological boom, so that they are able to meet the challenges of
modern trends smoothly without sacrificing the human values.
 To ensure holistic development of their
personalities in order to make them winner
in every sphere of life 

Why Focus On Youth

 Youth is the Fountain Head of all energy.

 It is a driving force in all spheres of activities .

 It is the best link between Past, Present and Future.

 They are immense reservoir of strength. 

 Their realization of Interconnectedness & Interdependence will lead “Bharat” towards becoming a “Vishwaguru.

Flow of the Programme:

  • Guest Assembling                            : 4:30pm  – 5:00pm
  • Lamp Lighting & National Song     : 5:00pm  – 5:15pm
  • Award Ceremony                             : 5:15pm  – 5:45pm
  • Declaration & panel Discussion    : 5:45pm  – 7:00pm
  •  Vote for Thanks                              : 7:00pm  – 7:15pm
  • Ending with the National Anthem

Launched on Foundation day, 29th  April 2022 

Venue: Hindi Bhawan auditorium, New Delhi.