Dharmbir Prabhakar a Vidyarthi-Mind Management, the Founder of JiyoJaago Foundation (Promoting Human Values), had started the journey of his livelihood from a factory in Delhi as an ordinary worker. After a few years, his creative attitude led him into the dynamic world of advertising & marketing when he joined an INS accredited advertising agency as a peon. However, due to his exceptional mind set, skills and devotion he rose his way swiftly up the ranks to the position of GM. Last he served as a Media Director in the same organisation.

He considers himself to be one of the most fortunate persons in the world for having met and getting the opportunity to explore his own true value and potential under the invaluable guidance of Shradhey Gurudevjee (Late) Shri T. P Panta. Nowadays, he spends his time in accomplish the Vision & Mission of Jiyo Jaago Foundation, which was developed under the “Margdarshan of Gurudevjee”.Having more than 25 years of experience in Media, he is a thought-provoking speaker & motivator. He is deeply interested in the essential nature of life and speaks eloquently various subjects there under. People have gone as far as calling him a Social Scientist. He has designed many initiatives & workshops like “Motivate India” (Learn & Lead), “Nari Shakti Namostute” (Rise & Shine), “B-Vidyarthi ” (Bloom & Boom) ,”Samriddhi” (Holistic Enrichment) ,“Mind Management” (Mining the Mind), “BYOG” (Be your Own Guru), etc. to transform the “Bharatvarsha and Global Human Society” under Jiyo Jaago Foundation.

Dharmbir Prabhakar